Shai Nadborny continues his family tradition of supplying LA area restaurants. Since 1985, Friendly Foods has been offering the highest levels of service and dependability to their clients.

Being in the Los Angeles restaurant business has been a family tradition for over 50 years. My father, Isaac Nadborny, started Friendly Foods in 1985. Before starting Friendly Foods, he was a neighborhood butcher and taught me all about meat.  Both of my grandfathers were butchers and my uncle is currently. My grandmother, Zina Nadborny, was the head chef at Canters for over 15 years, brining the corned beef and making the matzah balls.

My Uncle, Itzchak Shniper, is an amazing chef in San Francisco, creating the most innovative and delicious farmers market inspired dishes. My cousin, Robbie Borne, works with me and has been working with meat almost as long as he could walk. I am honored to be able to continue our family tradition.

My favorite part of working at Friendly Foods is that it has allowed me to get to know so many people that I have been lucky enough to call friends. From the bus boys to the restaurant owners, we are proud to continue to be part of the fabric of the Los Angeles restaurant culture. I look forward to speaking with you soon

–Shai Nadborny

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